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Ken Burns [18 Jan 2009|04:04pm]
Fuck Ken Burns and his revolution of how still photos are used in documentary.

Fuck imovie for taking 5 minutes to make a 1 minute .mov file of a ken burns sweep over a photo.

Fuck my having to sit around and do nothing while this happens and I have 8 more photos to go.

This is going to take much longer than it has any right to, seriously, I just want some ken burns on a photo, does it really take that much computing power to zoom in on a photo?
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Facial Hair [13 Jan 2009|12:47am]
It's all gone. I feel so naked.

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[10 Nov 2008|01:26am]
The internet recently pointed out to me that Obama's new voter strategy was essentially a Zerg Rush.

Is this Awesome, or Totally Awesome?

Also to Chris and Steve, I'll do the meme for you guys eventually I promise
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All kinds of Win in 2012 [26 Oct 2008|06:52pm]
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goofy fun quiz things, haven't done one of these in a while [25 Oct 2008|10:25pm]
Leave a comment and I will...
a) Tell you why I friended you.
b) Associate you with something -- a fandom, song, color, photo, etc.
c) Tell you something I like about you.
d) Tell you a memory I have of you.
e) Ask you something I've wanted to know about you.
f) Tell you my favorite userpic from your list.
g) In return, you need to post this on your own LJ.
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[02 Jul 2008|07:24pm]
3 years have passed, but in my dreams I can't escape highschool.
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[28 Jun 2008|07:09am]
Whenever I want to put something down to paper, I can't seem to get other people's words out of my head.
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Early Morning HBO [20 Jun 2008|05:24am]
So I was out smoking a cigarette and came in to get ready to go to bed. I walked up to turn off the tv and realized there was a reggae song on. So I backed up to see what was on the tv and saw this:

Quite possibly the best thing I have ever seen on the television.
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[15 Dec 2007|08:10pm]
Just in case you were wondering, I still exist.
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Delicious [16 Jul 2007|03:33am]
I just made possibly the greatest tasting food ever. It's like nachos, but instead of chips, I used chicken. mmm...
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David Dondero and Conor Oberst live together in a small cottage South of the South [19 Jun 2007|10:36am]
[ mood | giddy ]

lokix1x: but you have to admit jacked his style is a pretty cool phrase
MINDY EMBLETON: i guess, but it's such a negative phrase
lokix1x: I know, but I like to pretend that they had a big feud about it and then became friends
lokix1x: and now they take long leisurely strolls in the park and discuss the finer points in life
lokix1x: and at night david dondero tucks conor oberst into bed.
lokix1x: oh my I just realized I have thought about this far too much.

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[17 Jun 2007|11:25am]
Today is both father's day and my dad's birthday.

I feel terrible for it but right now all I can think about is myself and my various problems. I guess I shouldn't feel too bad about it though, because I've spent so much of my life doing anything I could to not think of myself.

I need to find a job. I'm going to need the money to be able to afford my apartment and to live next year. I'm probably still going to need to get a job during school too. I need to get my license. I need to be able to afford the car insurance for my parents car or else I won't even be able to drive. I need to borrow someone else's car to take the test because there's no left rearview mirror on our car. Does anyone want to volunteer their car?
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[09 Jun 2007|09:18am]
[ mood | anxious ]

I get depressed and I sleep then I stay up and then I wind up not going to sleep until 9 am on the day that I'm supposed to have a party...great.

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Seriously. [26 May 2007|04:44am]
hey, if I ever tell you I don't want to talk or hang out, it means I don't fucking want to hang out or talk, not please keep proding and poking and/or try to get me out of the house.
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new music [12 May 2007|11:22pm]
I just downloaded a bunch of music. If anyone wants any leave a comment and I'll put it up on yousendit or something.

Brightblack Morning Light - Selftitled
Islands - Return to the Sea
Band of Horses - Everything All The Time
Mastodon - Blood Mountain
The Thermals - The Body, The Blood, The Machine
Ray LaMontagne - Til The Sun Turns Black
Grizzly Bear - Yellow House
Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury
Ghostface Killah - Fishscale
Minor Threat - Discography
The Elected - Sun, Sun, Sun
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[05 May 2007|06:27am]
dude, freshamn year is over. I still need to pack just about everything.
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I've been trying to get people to call me Sunny D [17 Apr 2007|04:31am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

I guess I haven't written in here in a while. I guess I've changed a lot since the last time. I haven't exactly been in love with myself over the past several months. I don't know, what's wrong with me, sometimes I just kinda get into a depressive funk. Yana says I have self-esteem issues. I guess she's right. But I don't think I saw myself or my future being anything like it is now, even 6 months ago things looked different. I guess somethings haven't changed though. I still can't ever get to sleep.

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[21 Dec 2006|06:44pm]
I guess I haven't really updated this thing in a while, but I guess the stuff going on in my life that's worth writing about is private enough that I don't feel like putting it out in a public forum. Sorry kiddos.
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http://www.thewebshite.net/nickelback.htm [17 Dec 2006|07:10pm]
Ok, we all know Nickelback sucks, right? right. And we all know that every damn one of their songs sounds just about the same, right? Well, it has just been brought to my attention how similiar their songs are. Click the above link and find out.
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[30 Nov 2006|12:03pm]

This kid is badass as all hell. I'm glad he didn't get his brains blown out.
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